gray skies


The final line to present was Chubby Cartwheels, who served some serious kitschy-chic style. The collection was full of crop tops, leather/pleather skirts, and campy food based prints, such as french fries and doughnuts. There were also lots of sheers and a little bit of leopard. This collection pretty much thumbed it’s nose at every fashion rule in the book, and the results were perfect.”

Loved what they had to say!  Check out the article to see pieces from all the amazing designers at the event!  So much amazing fat fashion!


Meyer lemon blueberry yogurt pound cake, infused with earl grey tea leaves


Suvarna Besanko


Staying here for four days? Paradise.

I have done the slumber party, the wedding, and the grandparent’s house. Now, finally, the cottage. We arrived this afternoon and I’ve already been for a swim, scored a bleeding bug bite, and most likely burned a little.

Cottage life is wonderful.



We don’t need European fairy tales retold with dark-skinned characters

We need non-European fairy tales being told

Race-bending isn’t the answer here

Realizing that there are children who have non-European heritages and cultures who need their own stories being given representation is the answer